I chose to direct this film because I wanted to show people outside of the ski community how incredibly dangerous and challenging high altitude ski mountaineering is. While watching this film, I would like the viewer to experience the intense feelings, emotions, and decision-making of navigating, traveling, and skiing the highest altitude mountain ranges in the world.

Most ski films show just ski descent; I wanted to show everything behind the scenes that goes into getting to those skiing descents. The challenges of making this film were working in a high elevation with little oxygen and a frigid environment, with no electricity, with minimal crews, and in some of the most dangerous mountains in the world, during the most challenging time of year in these mountains for avalanche conditions. Covid also really isolated everybody on the film team, and we did not use the same crews for all the expeditions.

This film will always be special because I am so proud of Jérémie and the crew for the lifechanging experiences they faced. My experience working on this film will help with future projects because I learned precious lessons about every facet of production, but mainly what it takes to raise the bar in sport in the modern world.

Eric Crosland


Eric Crosland - Director

Crosland is one of the principal founders of Sherpas Cinema. For the last 20 years, he’s been filming and directing action sports films that have redefined the genre with intricate storytelling, hard-hitting visuals, genuine character development and creative sound design. As one of the creative forces behind All.I.Can (2010), Into The Mind (2013), TSIRKU (2016), Loved By All (2018) and countless other films, he’s developed a directorial style all his own, one that conveys the soulful core of his subjects.

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